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Being a guest

So, you’ve lived through lockdown for at least the first three weeks – and you’re ready to make your predictions. Well, it’s nice to have you along. Here’s what you can expect.

What you need to know

Given the name, this is time sensitive so we’ll need to record soon. We’re all stuck inside anyway, so I’m sure that will be fine. It’ll take a maximum of an hour – including a period after the recording where the software uploads the recording.

You’ll need to prepare in advance of the recording. We’ll send you a briefing note on some of the predictions that have been made which we’ll be discussing during the episode, including links to original reports, and you might like to prepare a prediction of your own.

Appearing on the show is unpaid and voluntary. No one is getting paid – or making any money. In fact, this podcast is costing me money to make.

What gets recorded will be published on the internet. If you’re not comfortable with that, please don’t put yourself forward. I ultimately decide what makes the cut, and if I don’t like it or it might mean either of us have to visit court then I’ll cut it out. Sorry.

Your preparation

You will already know what topic you’re going to be talking about on the podcast, and so hopefully you’ll already have something to say on it.

For your own contribution, you’ll need to prepare a prediction. This can be as detailed or as simple as you like, but it must be based in some kind of evidence (you’ll need that too), and you should come armed with an opinion on it.

You should also research around the topic we’re talking about where you can, because other guests will be talking about their predictions and we’ll want you to chip in.

The recording

To keep things socially distant but also high quality, I’m using Zencastr to record episodes. Ahead of the recording, you’ll be sent a link to click when recording time comes. You’ll be able to hear me, and other the other guests, through a special call and your browser will record a high quality version.

Before we start, make sure you’re:

  • Somewhere relatively quiet, where you won’t be disturbed
  • Connected to a good Wi-Fi signal, or even better connected to the Internet using a cable
  • Using a separate microphone, if you have one (if you don’t, your built-in mic will be good enough)
  • Not doing too much on your computer – don’t leave a game or anything demanding on in the background, since it’ll risk turning you into a Dalek on the recording
  • Not going to be interrupted by your phone. Pop it on silent, and if it’s on vibrate make sure it’s not anywhere where its vibrations will get picked up by your microphone.


The call will probably sound very different when we record it to how the episode will sound, so don’t worry too much about it – just have a chat. The recording will probably go on for a bit longer too because each episode will be edited to sound similar. The final episodes are up to 30 minutes long.

First of all, we’ll have a quick chat between the group of people and get to know one another before we start.  I’ll ask you each to introduce yourself – at the very least your name and whereabouts, as well as why you’re appropriate to be speaking about the topic of the episode – and then we’ll get into it.

We’ll talk through, as a group, the predictions that have been made. The discussion should be very conversational, and we’re interested in hearing about how that kind of challenge might work if that becomes the “new normal”.

Think about:

  • Is the prediction something that’s been made many times before?
  • Is it desirable?
  • What are the impacts of the change? Is there a knock-on impact if this does become the new normal?
  • What are the negative side effects?
  • Should this really have happened all along? Did it really need to come to this to make that happen?

To sum up, we’ll all make our predictions – what will stick? What won’t? And that’s it. We’ll get you to record your goodbyes, and then we’ll stop the recording.

After this, Zencastr will automatically upload a high quality recording to me for the production version of the episode but it’s really important that you don’t close the window at the end until the recording has been uploaded.

There’s a video about how it all works here:

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How do you think the world will be different after three more weeks? Get in touch now to take part in the podcast.